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Wedding Rings as unique as your love story...

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tells the stories of the last generation of industrial craftsmen in Jalan Besar. Edited by Wendy ChuaXin Xiaochang and Yuki Mitsuyasu.


Learn the art of jewellery making through traditional techniques


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About the designer

Raised in Singapore, and later educated at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London, Yuki Mitsuyasu designs and constructs jewellery intended to tell a story. Carefully crafted into each piece is a narrative, waiting to be recounted, explored, and shared.


Mitsuyasuʼs choice of materials, the manner by which they are shaped, and the functions they perform all work collectively to weave the intended narrative.


And just as there is more than one side to a story, Mitsuyasu stresses too the importance of jewellery looking beautiful from every angle. Yet, every point of view does not distract from the narrative. The themes, often universal and timeless, lend the pieces immediate iconic status. 

Mitsuyasu teaches as an adjunct at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. 

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