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“Collect a hundred saga seeds and they will bring you happiness.”

Love Seed collection takes inspiration from nature. Each piece is a container, with pierced out patterns illustrating foliage. From this foliage, shadows are cast. From this foliage, a little heart peeks.


The little heart is a saga seed. Rather than set, drilled or glued onto the container, the seed moves freely so that the wearer can observe its natural qualities. Its heart-like shape is, at times playful, at times alluring, a mirror of the wearer’s very own heart.


Although each piece comes with a saga seed, the wearer can replace it with their own. It is also intended that the seed may fall off the lidless container. This way, it may journey further than nature had planned. This way, we give back to nature, just as nature has given to us.


The Love Seed Collection was designed in 2015 to celebrate 50 years of independence in Singapore. The geometry of modern architecture, shadows of trees, and the occasional bright red seed are just what one might happily pick up while walking through Singapore’s streets.

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